Ekstra-kovina d.o.o. is a holder of three certificates indicating the quality and performance of the company's services and operations and other is gold credit rating obratin by Company. One is a certificate of financial reliability - SME Excellent, whose holder we have been for many years. Other financial rating is Crystal plaque of excellence in the highest credit rating class A, where we achieved the highest credit rating criteria for 3 years in a row. A good credit rating additionally confirms the reputation in the domestic and foreign business environment or the trust of all those with whom the company cooperates or will participate in the future. Last but not the least  is the ISO 9001 quality certificate, which we acquired in 2014 on the initiative of the foreign market and the demands of our customers.
The ISO9001 quality certificate, SME Excellent and Credit rating by CompanyWall are renewed every year and also successfully updated because we are aware that the quality of business and services is of key importance.