Mechanical processing of forgings/castings

The primary activity in Ekstra-kovina d.o.o. is serial CNC mechanical processing of main steel and aluminum forgings and castings. We have the most knowledge in this segment, and we can offer quality processing of forgings/castings with more than 25+ years of experience. We will process forgings/castings according to your requirements and wishes and also suggest creative solutions to improve mechanical processing as well as make it more economical.
As already described in the segment of drilling and holding devices, we, through our many years of experience, first construct and then produce a wide variety of technically perfected holding devices, which additionally contribute to the economic efficiency of processing and ensure that we are the right choice for you. We will offer you an unmatched price/quality ratio and exceptional flexibility in modifying your requirements and orders, and above all, we can provide short and accurate delivery times.
The CNC machine processing service is performed on three 4-axis CNC vertical machining centers, with the accuracy of up to 0.02mm.
Forgings/castings are processed primarily for the automotive and electrical industry, mechanical engineering, unique products, and custom products in small or medium-sized batches.
Our advantages:
  • Economic efficiency of services/products

  • High-quality of services

  • Reliability

  • Flexibility

  • Knowledge and more than 25+ experiences

  • Fast response time

  • Satisfied customers

We can also offer you a complete range of products in this field and produce die blacksmith`s tools, cutting tools, as well as drilling and holding devices for your products, and then mechanically process them. We can also make a project for you, construct the above items and submit the technological documentation.
Contact us and check our offer. We will dedicate to you and prepare you a great offer in a very short time.

Mehanska obdelava odkovkov/odlitkov


Mehanska obdelava odkovkov/odlitkov